Prayer Guide for COVID-19

There is a lot of excitement and/or fear going on in our country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be afraid you or your family will contract the virus. You may be afraid of the effects a possible lock down will bring to our society. You may be overwhelmed by the possibility of the […]

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Why do big things happen at camp?

Camp is huge. Every single year, every single student we take to camp has some sort life changing experience. There is something about the atmosphere of a well-run camp that creates opportunities to grow unlike any other programmed events I’ve ever been a part of. Anywhere from a sin that is brought to light, or […]

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The switch to a “dumb-phone”

Yesterday Alina and I gave up our smart phones, and went to the “dumb-phone”. I have had quite a few conversations about the decision to switch with differing views and ideas. Every conversation has been great! I completely understand the multiple views on this topic. My purpose in this article is not to persuade any one to leave […]

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Someone Died…

I was watching a Redbull show on base jumping and flying suits today. On this specific documentary a man died. He was in a flying suit and something went wrong and crashed into the ground. The news talks about people dying all the time. Sadly enough, I have become desensitized to the reality of a […]

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Abide in Christ – Andrew Murray

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray Chapter 1. ALL YOU WHO HAVE COME TO HIM “Come unto me.”-MATT.11:28 “Abide in me.”-JOHN 15:4 IT IS to you who have heard and hearkened to the call, “Come unto me,” that this new invitation comes, “Abide in me.” The message comes from the same loving Saviour. You doubtless […]

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God has this…

Some of my thoughts this morning. Lately I have been struggling to comprehend some of the things going on in our culture, and also our world. Their are things that don’t seem right. I find myself asking, Is this Justice? Where is God in this? It is not an easy thing to process. We find […]

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Drunk with Pride

“For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgement…” Romans 12:3 I was pondering this verse yesterday and realized a new depth of it into my life. Paul tells us to not lift […]

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Stereotyping Jesus

In Matthew 16, Jesus asks his disciples; “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” and He followed up the questions with “Who do you say that I am?” The answers that surrounded these questions tell us a lot about us as people. The conversations that take place in this chapter are incredible insight […]

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A Fathers Love

Yesterday, Alina and I had to take our son into the Doctor. He was having a lot of congestion and running nose, and with our second child only days away we wanted to make sure that our new baby would be safe from what ever Elijah had. The doctor’s office was able to get us […]

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